mr-sandless-franchise-imageNO Mess! NO Dust! NO Smell!

The #1 Wood Floor Refinisher that makes refurbishing wood floors quick, affordable and painless!

Mr. Sandless. offers a revolutionary way to refinish hardwood floors. We are the no sanding solution for beautiful wood floors! NO DUST, NO SMELLS and the system is much less intrusive than sanding!

The Mr Sandless process will remove the dirt and floor polish on your floors after removal of carpets and provides a new commercial grade, matte, satin or gloss finish to your floor, in hours without all of the inconvenience of sanding and resealing and associated mess. This is the key to part of your decision making as it is a much faster process, it is cleaner and allows you to leave pictures on the wall, books on the shelf etc. and of course does not disrupt your home or office as much as sanding does. Sanding is “dustless” but unfortunately there are quantities of fine dust that penetrate everywhere and these microscopic particles remain throughout your home and have been shown to be carcinogenic.

Once we are finished with the Mr Sandless process, you can walk on your floors within ½ hour and replace furniture after approximately 2 hours. Over and above all these advantages, Mr Sandless also provides a 5 year guarantee on the products used, which are all non-toxic, certified green, child and pet safe.

The highly versatile Mr Sandless products can be used to reseal and restore any hard floor surface, including, vinyl floors, slate, slasto and other stone tiles, ceramic tiles, concrete floors and even other wood floors such as engineered and laminate floors.

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